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Author :Scribe Vini
Subject :** Nagnang News - Page 7 **
Date :6/5
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The Traitor and the King                        Windis & Vini

Shortly after the arrival in Koguryo of the old man who teaches the song that summoned King Suro from heaven, it was the time for King Suro Kim to announce his own majesty was coming to visit the lands of Nagnang. The Kayan royal wished to reinforce the political relations between Kaya and Nagnang that have been really strong but quite harmed after the episodes involving Yieta.

The idea was to have pleasant meeting to bond and prosper both nations together. Although, what was supposed to be a state visit by Kayan King SuroKim became much more when another visitor stepped forward to greet Prince Kija of Nagnang. It was Filia, exiled from the kingdom long ago for treachery. She was considered guilty of the murder of Kija?s father and therefore, the royal Prince wasn?t happy to see her return.

First, King SuroKim arrived in Nagnang's Grand Hall at the Palace and introduced himself to the Prince. As the Royal?s guard, led by Captain Wooderson, stood around, a mysterious figure approached and, upon greeting Kija, was recognized as Filia, who was once known to be Kija?s mother. The Prince ordered that she be seized and detained. After she was taken away, SuroKim pleaded to meet with her, which the Prince accepted.

Prince Kija then announced that he would be holding a public trial to condemn Filia. Jurors were picked among the community to take part in the royal court. The case was presented with Kija supplying the eye-witness account of the murder and Filia admitting that she came to consciousness with the blood of the king and murder weapon on her hands. Yet, the King of Kaya stepped in to testimony in her favor while she protested that she could never murder Kija?s father and still mourned him.

Filia was found to be very ill and some were talking about her having been unaware of her actions. The jury was called to proclaim verdict and found her not guilty. Prince Kija turned furious naturally. It could be noticed that there was a lot of hate in the room. People claim he was blinded by his anger, but the royal guest of Kaya was really patient with the fellow Prince. The relations between Filia, the Prince?s father and her to King Suro still are unclear, but she?s staying in the Nagnang Army barracks until the whole situation is solved involving the long ago murder of Kija?s father. Since she?ll be around for a while, there will be more time for Nangen community to find more of the truth hidden being this whole serious issue.
Nagnang Barrack's New Look                             Windis

Upon receiving the visit of the Kayan King, the Nagnang Army was glad to have finished their upgrade to their facilities which meant an entirely new look to the Army barracks.
The Tribune was invited to learn about the hall with Lieutenant Colonel Kiaishkireld, who said that the Barracks have certainly been aesthetically improved, but that the most important improvement was the additions. Among other things, the Barracks now have a number of doorways that have yet to lead anywhere; something which the Lieutenant says is intended for expansion.

That's not too surprising, considering that it was under General BeZal (Hyul 4) that plans were originally under way to replace the Barracks' "Forsaken" design. As the dust of the construction settles, the kingdoms will begin to see the changes equate to better trained troops through utilization of the more spacious Barracks.
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