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Author :Scribe Vini
Subject :** Kingdoms Culture - Page 8 **
Date :6/5
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Geomancy Inner Sects                          Vini Normad'or

During the being of 7th Hyul the House of Chi of Geomancers started experiencing some unusual occurring that went unexplained to majority of the community. The mighty guardian of the Circle of Creation, the Earth's Dragon, began to speak occasionally about hearing voices on the wind. Curious about such happenings, some Geomancers started sitting around him trying to hear anything, but ended up that no one got to hear such whispers.

Moons passed and the Earth?s Dragon kept talking about such voices that were increasing so much that was driving him insane. It was bothering the dragon so much that made him take an extreme decision. He ended up leaving the House of Chi without telling any Geomancers of where he was heading to. Earth?s Dragon has never left the Circle of Creation in many yuris he has been there.

Of course that upon hearing such information, the elder, lady Halome, got really worried and started asking the community to help look for him. She called for the aid of the brethren of the wilderness, the Druids, Rangers and Barbarians, as long as the help of all keepers of balance and geomancy admirers. The mission was to find Earth?s dragon location no matter how long it would take.

The searched ended up being successful as the group led by Geomancer Rhew found him trying to climb the mountain north of the Sanhae village. Yet, the he was unable to scale the grade as most of his magical essence has been drained for him living in the mortal?s realm for so long. The place that Earth?s dragon was trying to reach was located somewhere really high in the Sanhae Mountains, above the reach of any human, it is called the Earthen Valley. Such mystical area is actually a sanctuary where the greatest Geomancers lay their spirits to rest. This valley is the home of the Earth?s Dragon.

Elderess Halome convinced the dragon to return to the House of Chi in the wilderness until he could regain his strengths and to assist on that, she called for the aid of the community to assist infuse him with sacred magic. Lots of people volunteered to help by donating food, items of magic and energy. After 2 moons, the dragon had recovered enough to be able to climb the mountain. He left once again without much notice but this time Geomancers knew where he had gone to.

Weeks after, the Earth?s Dragon returned accompanied by three ancient spirits: Wu Wei Tzu, Wu Xing Tzu and Tiaoli Tzu. They had been calling to the Earth's Dragon, imploring him to bring them back to earth and teach their secrets to their descendants. They were the ancient masters of the inner sects: the three factions of Geomancy which they specialize in: Wu Wei as the Taoist, Wu Xing as the elementist and Tiaoli as the scholars of Fen Shui and martial artists. Such secrets were passed to three young masters,
Rhew master of Wu Wei, Julia Wu Xing and Quellious master of Tiaolia. After the 3 spirit masters taught the new ones, they retired away once again to the mountains.

Since then began to reorganize their library and started to do a major re-working of the Shu-Jing. The ways and habits of Geomancers started from this point a new era. Students now learn from the subjects of the inner sects, specialize in one and one day will create new abilities from such specializations.
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