Board :Kingdom Tribune
Author :Scribe Vini
Subject :** Weekly Interview - Page 10 **
Date :6/5
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Judge Muckish                                  Vini Normad'or
Interview done with the new Judge of nexus, Sir Muckish of the Koguryo Royal Knight order:

<b>Kingdom Tribune:
Greetings Muckish, how does it feel after so many yuris to be considered to help with in justice department?
I am very honoured that Head Judge Teragg considered me for the position and I hope I will be able to live up to his and the kingdom?s expectations.

<b>Kingdom Tribune:
You?ve held other positions in the past, how do they influence in your work as a judge?
That is a good question. I think any person who has spent time on a clan council for an extended period of time obtains many of the necessary tools in carrying out the duties and responsibilities of a judge. As councilors are often required to settle disputes and assign fines to members. Moreover it is beneficial as councilors learn to deal with offenses in a softer way as they are always dealing with their clan family. Also, just recently I received a request as to how a citizen might have a serious branding removed; I was able to assist him as to what is required due to my previous work in the Royal ministry which eventually caused the creation of the Royal courts. And of course, one could not deny that past experience in the Nexus alone is an important prerequisite to being called to work within justice system.

<b>Kingdom Tribune:
It is well known that judges are quite harassed by some people; they are offended quite often, mostly by those who get in trouble with laws often. How do you feel about that and what do you plan to do to survive such things?
I am already sorry to say that I have seen how some members of the community attempt to use the justice system to injure citizens whom they do not like and I am saddened by this. Yet, I think that there will always be a few bad eggs and much good can be done through our justice system. Sadly, harassment is something that comes with the job and I am sure I will be able to deal with it as the time goes.

<b>Kindom Tribune:
How do you feel when someone asks you for help, but your powers as judge are not sufficient to aid?
Of course is an unfortunate situation; however there are restrictions placed upon judges for good reason of course. Hopefully when that occurs I will be able to point them in the right direction of which they might find the help they require. Otherwise, all one can do is explain to them how to prevent it in the future.

<b>Kingdom Tribune:
The Kingdom Tribune also noticed how your training phase in justice went really fast, much more than normal, what do you think that helped that happen?
Quickly is not a word I would have used to express the justice system?s training, however to the outsider it may have seemed that way. Head judge Teragg had actually offered the to train to such position to me a few moons ago, however I decided not to act on it until I had the proper amount of time to offer him. Once I was in a better situation, he welcomed me into the training program. After many sleepless nights and long hours learning about justice policy, restrictions and protocol, I was ascended as a judge. Yet, I have not finished my training and am still restricted as to the type of cases I can deliberate.

Ping-pong questions:

Favorite color? Azure Blue.
Favorite animal? Owl.
Favorite place? Tree of Reflections.
Favorite food? Fortune Cookies.
Favorite weapon? Bamboo Stick.
Favorite person? His wife, Lavahn.
A Hero? Former Royal Minister Weltal.
A Disgust? Blight.
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