Board :Kingdom Tribune
Author :Scribe Vini
Subject :** Tribune Editorial - Page 1 **
Date :7/30
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Diary pages: Challenge of All                  Vini Normad'or

It was in Hyul 3 that Blight dropped the vile of venom taken from the Mongol battles to revamp the whole woodlands. His intentions were to make the creatures stronger and therefore help Nagnang be more protected of invasions. The result of that where stronger creatures dwelling inside the caves of Woodlands and such ones carrying new items once dropped upon death. Not long after the many new drops were discovered very few members of the kingdom of winds community have found some diary pages containing mysterious information.

Now, 6 hyuls after, the friendly wanderer, Haengsa revealed to public the existence and the importance of such diary pages and people among the community finally decided to share with public what was being kept hidden for so long. The diary pages are of a mysterious smith who has been forging powerful weapons for long time and was trying to find a formula to produce a powerful armor to defend from them.

It doesn't take long after reading such diary pages to realize that to create such strong armor; people must collect several of the new items of woodlands. The biggest problem is that the smith doesn't share formulas in his diary; he speaks in riddles and even erases information as if he was trying to hide the information from other people. While then the woodlands have over 50 different types of items, different amounts carrying such. Also the pages leave space to people believe that in such creation system other items can be used besides the woodlands ones, such making the possibilities and tries almost impossible to find as there are almost infinite combinations.

To find the answers of this mystery would be really hard for one person or a small group to find alone. Such requires the joint work of the whole community to think, interpret the pages and try various combinations. Also those who are fortuned to find more diary pages should not be selfish to hide then anymore, the quest is upon all, is either everyone win or no one. If people keep hiding information just to be the first ones to find the armor formula they will fail and they'll only delay the one day possible finding. There's a limit between greed and wisdom, which side will people want to be at?
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