Board :Kingdom Tribune
Author :Scribe Vini
Subject :** Nexus International - Page 2 **
Date :7/30
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The Visit of Kayan King                        Vini Normad'or

The legendary King Suro Kim is taking a time to get to know more the lands of the winds. After strolling around in Nagnang and participating in the trial of Filia, mother of Prince Kija, the King of Kaya decided to go visit the two other kingdoms of the tri-alliance.  

Accompanied by King M'hul himself, Suro Kim took a walk from gate to gate to get to know more of the Kogurian lands. The two kings were escorted by the Royal Army, Royal Minister and Ambassador along with many other citizens who took their chance to be close to the royals.

Soon enough, they were surprised with the visit of the Princess of Buya and her army during the walk. She joined them until near the Tree of Reflection at east gate of Kugnae where she invited the heavenly king to visit the The Shining Jewel of the East. The strolling continued in Buya where he got to know the whole capitol as enjoying his travels. The King of Kaya left back to Nagnang promising he would visit both kingdoms again some other day. Since then, King Suro has not been in public anymore.
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