Board :Kingdom Tribune
Author :Scribe Vini
Subject :** Koguryo News - Page 3 **
Date :7/30
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New Tiger Primogen                             Vini Normad'or

Born in Yuri 68, it didn't take long to RCMP to start achieving his san marks. Twelve yuris later the unstopping warrior achieved the 3rd mark and has been called a Jung-Do. The knowledge he has earned during the years got him to start a new branch to his life. RCMP became the 10th Warrior Tutor of Koguryo, a position he still carries to these days. But such duties weren't enough and for the past hyuls he has exercised the function of Primarch in Tiger clan.

Now, in Hyul in it has reached the time to RCMP to assume full control of the clan and take the leadership spot. As the two times primogen, FPickledog stepped down, he passed the keys of the clan to his primarch, making then, RCMP the 6th Tiger primogen. To occupy the opened spot of primarch, RCMP chose the Sam san Baekho rogue, Apollosworld.

Such recent changes in Tiger clan did not make everyone happy, a few left the clan disappointed and some evil tongues though this could represent a bad era to the tigers. Not so true, as shortly after the tiger clan has already gained more members and dwells in Koguryo as a clan fulfilled with prosperity and pride.

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