Board :Kingdom Tribune
Author :Scribe Vini
Subject :** Buya News - Page 4 **
Date :7/30
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Article - The Forgotten Cold                   Vini Normad'or

The kingdom of winds has been a concept in expansion over the years, many new areas have been found, expanding the limits of where people can and can't go. Such changes are surely great for exploration, but what happens to those stay behind in these lands, almost like they were forgotten?

This is the case of the Arctic village, found in the late 20' yuris by the buyan forces. When they were found, it was the big sensation of nexus. Everyone would go there, explore the caves and new options. Yet, over the years under Buya government administration, the Arctic village has received little or no care. The place is actually abandoned, just few villagers with small business, almost starving as no one uses their services and the cold weather there makes hard to get food. Arctic village is so desert these days that if another kingdom decided to build a wall around it, people wouldn't notice until it was advertised.

A proof for that, is the long ago ogre invasion, led by Nyog in their joint work with Bluestone pirates to get a Staff of the Elements. While no one was looking, the ogres dug deep inside the snow caves, build huts and established a strong battleground against humans. If it wasn't for another ogre, Ugh, to go missing, such plans of ogres in Arctic lands would have prevailed. If wasn't for this whole big operation there, the community probably would still not have found the ice block where Grin had been frozen into.

What will require to Buya government to give the Arctic Village the proper attention it deserves? Another invasion maybe? Who knows if this time the community will succeed? If it is to keep being treated like this, Arctic village probably would be better on its own.
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