Board :Kingdom Tribune
Author :Scribe Vini
Subject :** Nagnang News - Page 5 **
Date :7/30
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The Evil Within Royalty                        Vini Normad'or

The situation with Filia, mother of Prince Kija has been causing much discussion in the lands of the winds. Such has been enough to Dusk Shaman to leave her own hut in the middle of the night to go check the situation with the royal mother of Nagnang. The analysis of the experienced shaman was quite shocking. According to the shaman of the west of Kugnae, Filia's body has been inhabited by two spirits for a good long time. Such, is believed to be the cause of why Filia killed her own husband, King Zhou.

While the situation isn't solved, Blight has taken the opportunity to meet with Filia, who he hasn't seen in quite a long time. A dinner was made for them in the Herbarium, home of Blight in Nagnang. Preparing the food there were the loyal assistants of Blight, Bibimbap and Kanaye. Prince Kija was allowed to go as well, but Nagnang army forced to keep certain distance.

The three nangens sat on the table and talked about the past, of the times when King Zhou was alive and Blight served him honorably. Yet, the conversation didn't follow so well, Blight and Kija kept exchanging offenses while Filia didn't seem to matter much as if it was normal to her.

Filia decided to help in the kitchen as so she said, but in fact what she was doing was poisoning the dinner's food while the chefs weren't looking. People around watching the open dinner saw the strange moves of Kija's mother and warned his royalty to let someone prove the food first.

When dinner was ready, the chefs did the honors and proved the food, but unfortunately to them, as they didn't know the food had been poisoned by Filia. Kanaye fell dead on the floor, followed by Bibimap. Filia got really angry for her plan had failed while Blight got really mad for his both cooks were poisoned to death. Blight's anger made him shout and scream, getting everyone out of his house while Filia showed no remorse to her doings.

The Nagnang Army took both Prince Kija and his mother to their barracks, where Filia totally changed her behavior. She then asked if they were getting ready to go to dinner, as if she did not remember anything that happened. It seems that the spirit who possessed Lady Filia was under control of her body the whole time they had been having dinner and Filia has no conscience of that. Kija told his mother that he had just tried to kill him and that made her panic.

As of now, lady Filia is too dangerous to be kept outside. She does not respond for her actions and it's really hard to know who's being in control of her body, if it's truly her or the execrable inmate. Therefore, Prince Kija is offering a reward to the ones who can find the true identity of who possessed his mother's body.

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