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Author :Scribe Vini
Subject :** Kingdoms Culture - Page 6 **
Date :7/30
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Article - Theater Nostalgia                      Songa Dinera

   When our Kingdoms were first brand new and shiny, the Theaters were a commodity. The Buyan Theater in particular was the place where many Muse events were first brought to life.  These were times when the Muse Guild still held the Poetry Revels Compeition, a now stable part of our culture and community. When Muses had nothing but their fashion sense and flare for everything lovely, the Theater was flourishing.  Community members from far and wide would often take time to attend the numerous fun-filled events often held in the Theater.

   But time slowly changed like a tree losing it's falling leaves on a cold winter day. The Muse Guild soon built their own Garden, along with a wonderous stage, far more lovely than the Theater. Their reign flourished, but it seemed as though the Theater was forgotten. No longer were there excited Muses running about it's wooden flooring. No longer did community members hold their breath while the Poetry Revels results were read. The Theater lost it's laughter, it's life. It became quiet and dull. Although it was decorated, and thus full of color, it held no substance. It was merely there. The Muse Garden was used without one thought, leaving the Theater bare.  

   Over time, the Muse Guild gave up the Poetry Revels to the Gods. For that brief time, I am sure the Theater held it's breath. Hoping that it would once again be filled with people. But this did not happen. The Kugnae Ministry became the new hosts of the Poetry Revels, and while the Theater would be a fine choice to hold the competition in yet again, it was not.

   Although occassionaly, the Theater is filled with the smallest of sounds. A lost young one, first exploring the kingdoms, comes across it's wonderous, yet eerie, presence. Some get together to hold activities in the Theater, but it will never be quite the same.

   The Theater first brought life to a dim world. It was a place when there was no other place. Yet it is forgotten. People walk by it every day, and never ponder about it's history. It is no longer the first place in mind, but rather, it is an after thought. Our Theater helped to carve that which is here today.  Without it's help, we would not have the gorgeous things we have now. Can we so easily forget that?

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