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Subject :** Weekly Interview - Page 8 **
Date :8/31
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Head Tutor Nussan                              Vini Normad'or
Interview done with the Head Tutor of Nexus Nussan:

<b>Kingdom Tribune:
After many years working in nexus, you ended up becoming the first head tutor, how did it feel?
It felt like I was in the position of being able to make a change! I had already been a tutor for quite some time, and was able to reach out to a lot of people. But this new position made it able for me to push for things that is essential to help more people. I could spend more time planning and arranging things. And I also think that since I was a very active tutor, I knew better than many others what was missing in the community, what was needed to be done.

<b>Kingdom Tribune:
Tell us more about your job. What is the importance of the Head Tutor, to what kind of help can people seek of you?
The most important part of the job is making sure that there are tutors for every position, and that the tutors are active. I support them and help them when they need, and try to inspire them with ideas for classes and events. Besides 'staff administration' I sometimes host regular classes, both for mages and classes that are open to everyone. I think the Head tutor job is important because we, the tutors, see more of the community and therefore we can make better choices when it comes to hiring new tutors. Also, I help out at other tutors' classes, and sometimes go out and look for new players who need information. Anyone can seek me out and I'll do my best to help, however sometimes I have to refer them to another path tutor, I spent too much time being a mage!

<b>Kingdom Tribune:
You recently removed the requirement to live in the kingdom to work in, why was that?
Well, my goal is to have the best of the best on my staff. Sometimes those people don't live where there's a position that needs to be filled. In the past, it has also been very hard to find a good candidate for some positions, especially for Nagnang. And I don't want a good tutor to step down from the job just to be with a certain clan or something similar. So I removed that requirement to make it easier for me to hire the best, and for the tutors to be happy with their positions.

<b>Kingdom Tribune:
What are your plans for the future of Tutoring?
That depends a little on what the new improved area for new players, Tangun, will be like. We will always keep doing regular weekly classes, but if there is a big need for help in Tangun I might expand the tutor department to have people who only help out there. But  I can't say for sure until it's released and up and running. Other than that, I am working on a few projects for the Tutorial hall in Buya, which I believe will be very helpful to the more experienced players. I won't say what it is yet!

<b>Kingdom Tribune:
Is there any other position you would like working within nexus besides tutoring and Shaman Guide?
At this time, no. I have had every position I've ever wanted, and right now I am more than happy with being the Head tutor and a council member in my clan. I stepped down from being a shaman guide because I wanted to focus more on the Head tutor job, and there wasn't enough time for both jobs.

Ping pong questions:

Favorite Colour? Red
Favorite Animal? Cat
Favorite Place? Enigma Craft room
Favorite Food? Noodles
Favorite Weapon? Angry heart
Favorite Person? Her husband, Basil
A Hero? Bibimbap, Blight's chef
A disgust? People who cheat

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