Board :Poetry
Author :Archon Brunhilde
Subject :** Revels Pardon **
Date :7/12
A banned person may appeal to Archons of Revels to receive quest for their ban removal, once at least 8 Hyuls have passed since their banned mark. The request must be done in writing and sent via n-mail. At that time, Player is expected to make an apology post on Community Board as well as Chronicles of the Winds. Once the request is approved, Archon of Revels will guide the player through the following four steps, which must be completed in sequence:

1) Must be pardoned by the Royal Court
  Following ban from Revels, where mark is "Serious  Other"

2) Player has to reach and maintain Angel Karma or above

3) Player must donate to Koguryo Ministry 1,000,000 Coins  
   towards Ministry Poetry Reading Prizes

4) Participate in Revels/Story contest. Upon earning a victory,  
  you must attend a Royal Revels Reading. Here, you will
   publically forfeit your victory and issue an apology (no
   marks will be given).

If player does not win after submitting  at least 20 entries, then that will equate to winning and they will be allowed to complete this part. These 20 submissions must be done within 2 calendar years.

At the completion of Part 4, quester will have his ban brand removed and will once again be allowed to enter and complete in Story/Revel contests

Important side note:  During entire time the quest is given, should the player get entangled in another unlawful situation their quest will be considered no longer valid

Archon of Revels