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Subject :2nd HM - Zilch
Date :5/21
<B>     For Granted

Everyone has it, though some more than others.
You only get one, and not much another.
It comes and goes like night and day,
Though some don't realize it like another may.

It will come in handy when you are down,
As fast as a falling apple to the ground.
Swooping in to scoop you up,
To make you smile at ease, like a young pup.

Taken for granted it usually is,
No matter the gender of the child - her or his.
It has highs and lows throughout its life,
But it can't be replaced, such like a knife.

When the timing is starting to near an end,
You begin to realize just what had been.
The one person who gave you birth,
Now is in need of you for all you're worth.

This feeling I write, measurable it is not.
It can't be traded, sold or even bought.
She treated and cared for you like a dove,
The matter I speak, is your mother's love.

- Zilch