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Subject :1st HM - Sadiq
Date :5/21

She's long gone now but on Mother's Day, I stop to rewind
To think of all those birthdays when she'd be quick to remind,
"In honor of the first friend your brand new eyes could see,
Don't forget today, years ago, it was just you and me."

Dad was never much around and played the role of Santa Claus,
Coming home from the pubs, always a new treat for my paws.
But Mom would take it right away, healthier food she'd bring,
Turns out sometimes best friends will do the harder thing.

But I grew hard-headed in my adolescence
We'd fight and I couldn't stand her presence,
So I went off looting with my friends
Until the law caught up, and with Mama I'd never make amends.

Eight long moons of prison until I saw a familiar face
And when I saw just who it was, I knew I'd kept my place
"You've got yourself a visitor" - it almost felt pretend.
Cause it was my dear Mama, and she was still my best friend.

I'd grown up now with a beard, and my muscles tightly packed
Still she recognized her boy's eyes, the fire that they lacked.
Somehow she got the warden to let me out 'fore I was due,
Mom will do anything for her baby, and that is always true.

The years did what they always do and my mother, she grew old
I tried my best to remember everything that I'd been told
I feared the day that she would go, just as everybody does
And if I'd ever find me half the woman that my Mama was.

Fast forward to her final years, so hard that I could cry,
I took her up in my big arms and gave her one last goodbye,
Even the healers told us to prepare her funeral plans,
"Don't worry about me Mama, all alone you raised a man."

You taught me how to open up while standing tall and strong,
You made me see there's more to life than being right or wrong,
You showed me love always wins out in the bitter end,
And you proved it to me, Mama, you're every boy's best friend.