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Subject :1st place - SuJing
Date :5/21
With young soft hands, and a youthful glow,
Her healthy brown hair to her hips did flow,
Newly arrived from across the seas,
Unaccompanied by anyone, a new life she would seize.
In the country she left, only squalor and danger,
She thought she?d never leave until something did change her,
She tried to leave so many times from her horrible home,
But always gave in to her fears of the unknown.
Until one day in the Winter, it was discovered that she,
Had a parasite inside of her ? a little baby,
With the unforgiving cold, and lack of food to be found,
And a baby on the way, a new courage she found.
Over hill, over dale, over mountain and sea,
With each and every step more devoted was she,
To give to her a child a life that she never had,
And watch him grow into a healthy good lad.
After long days and nights, and begging for food,
Her boat had now docked, she?d landed for good,
Not long after that, she brought into existence,
A big baby boy, and she named him Persistence.
She read him a story every night before bed,
And his favorite of all was called ?Little Pirate Red?,
At the end of the story she whispered gently,
?I'll love you forever, wherever I?ll be.?
She watched him grow slowly, in stature and mind,
Watered him often, in him virtues she enshrined,
And although he would find himself often in trouble,
His mother was always there to clean up the rubble.
The years plodded on and Persistence grew tall,
His mother grew shorter, and slower, and small,
Persistence, now a man, healthy and strong,
He carried his mother when and wherever she?d call.
To fetch this or fetch that, he never complained,
He knew she was grateful and his love never waned,
But something was wrong when one day out of the blue,
He picked up his mother and she seemed rather confused,
She forgot who she was and from where she was from,
Persistence?s spirit grew heavy and his soul it grew glum,
His mother was fading and she grew very weak,
It had been a long time since she?d managed to speak.
And then one day she looked up at her son from her bed,
She smiled softly and said feebly ?Little Pirate Red?,
Persistence was ecstatic that she managed to talk,
He beamed and hugged her and to the shelf he did walk,
He picked up the copy of his childhood book,
And sat next to her reading, and happy she looked,
When he finished the story his mom looked up with a smile,
And spoke one last time to her now grown child,

"Over hill, over dale, over mountain and sea,
I?ll love you forever, wherever I?ll be."