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Subject :2nd HM - Legolas
Date :5/28
A Lady Of Mine

I've known her since the age of three,
she was no shy girl she could even climb a tree.

We grew up in the village of Kimchon,
together we explored the land and beyond.

She had always teased me every opportunity,
pricking and prodding my temper with fluency.

More than often her antics drove me crazy,
making me think she'll never be a proper lady.

Everyone thought we were meant to be together,
I refused to admit it until I learned better.

Until I heard someone was paying her attention,
my gut clenched my body filled with tension.

I was so afraid she would accept the offer,
knowing without her my life would suffer.

So i went to her to beg for her hand,
offering all me and mine as hers to command.

She looked at me with tears and smile so tender,
promising me forever we'll always have each other.

I was grateful our wedding was smooth and fine,
and tonight's the night she'll be truly mine.