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Subject :1st HM - HARDBODYTHUG
Date :5/28
The Darkness of Night

I've heard all about Saturday night,
But what about Sunday morning?
Living in the moment can be exciting,
And living for tomorrow is certainly boring.

We plan, we plan for the future ahead,
Failing to seize the moment.
So grand, so grand the visions we have,
As reality becomes an opponent.

The freedom of staying current in time,
Free of all reason, free of all rhyme.
The moon hangs above, like the blade of the Reaper,
Tonight is the night, as our souls grow deeper.

There is no tomorrow, there is no yesterday,
Just a handful of less than ideal memories.
So we stay in the moment, no exit in sight,
As our lives become one with the darkness of night.

Tonight is the night,
Tonight is the night,
So we stay in the moment,
No exit in sight.