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Subject :1st HM - HARDBODYTHUG
Date :6/4
     *~*~*~* Through and Through *~*~*~*

       Mighty, mighty friendship
       Even when things are thick
       Even when the wrong words slip
       I rely on your companionship

       From the kingdom walls of Nagnang
       To the comraderie in our slang
       If we were ever to part ways,
       Things would never be the same

       I look to you for guidance,
       An aroma that will not rinse
       From the day that I had met you,
       I've been complete ever since

       When we find ourselves apart,
       I use a ring called 'Love'
       It fixes my broken heart,
       As the stars all smile above

       And although it's made of gold,
       It should be made of diamond
       For as we grow old,
       Forever we are binded

       You make me happy, you make me sad
       But no time spent with you is bad
       A true companion, through it all
       A mighty friendship, standing tall