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Subject :2nd place - Soileh
Date :6/4
<b>               The Search
I've swam the seven seas and explored valleys full of trees,
Over mountains I've trekked; On an island I once wrecked.
All in search of the greatest man who would be a friend to me,
But I grew tired and lonely, waiting for me to become we.

I knew that once I found him all my troubles would disappear,
We'd stand our ground and shout them down; The two musketeers.
Back to back, cry for cry, charging into battles without fright,
This the thought that kindled my resolve on many a lonely night.

The cold mornings would dawn,
and the long road ahead evoke a yawn,
But I couldn't let my resolve falter,
somewhere was a man I could put upon an altar.

I spent years upon the road and my looks began to erode,
Once I could run down a rabbit, but I had to admit I'd slowed.
Each day I searched for my other felt like seven,
and I began to fear that I would sooner reach heaven.

Hope rekindled in each new town and I felt my lost youthful joy.
But when men saw me, scruffy and old, just a washed out old boy,
They didn't see the friend I'd be and chased me with a curse.
Hopeless I approached a homeless man to which he wasn't adverse.

My long search had lead me to someone I could call friend,
For with a smile he shook my hand and saw in him I could depend,
From whatever came our way; I knew finally without a doubt,
we would be best buddies as I poked him with my snout.