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Subject :1st place - Ellinia
Date :6/4
"Mightiest of Friendships"

Bushy tails and fast flying feet,
Small little acorns tucked in its cheeks.
This one runs home through fields of wheat,
To store its food for the coming weeks.

The Eldest Oak studies the forest day and night,
From the smallest leaf to the thickest of roots,
When you live in the Oak you know you'll be alright,
The hidden alcoves inside store treasures and loot.

The Oak and the Squirrel, if you may ponder,
One lives their lives running on fleeted feet,
One is rooted deep, dreaming what it is to wander,
Without one the other is just incomplete.

You see, the squirrel was born inside the Oak,
He was cared for and nutured by him as he grew.
The Squirrel was afraid, though, of townsfolk.
But the Oak taught him to run, to break through.

As thanks for teaching him Squirrel brought gifts,
Every day he was alive he brought trinkets by the troves.
But Oak didn't understand this strange turn of events,
Instead of shiny baubles, Oak only wanted bread loaves.

It was so Squirrel had enough food for the winter,
Oak only required water and sun, not food like his friend.
But, Squirrel didn't comprehend. Oak wanted to splinter.
He was afraid if he said anything it would only offend.

The night Squirrel came back with a necklace in tow,
But Oak had all the shiny things removed from his trunk.
Squirrel ranted and raved. "Why?!" He didn't know.
All the treasures fell to the ground in a mighty clunk.

Oak waved his branches at Squirrel and a calm wind passed,
He settled his best friend and feircely shook his leaves.
His friends had quietly been storing nuts for him as he asked.
Like a magician from a magic show they fell from his sleeves!

Squirrel looked down to the ground at the piles and piles,
Tears in his eyes he dropped the splendid bauble.
He climbed down the trunk to the Golden Acorn. All smiles!
Wiped his eyes and ascended to end this silly squable.

You'd never guess, by just looking, a Squirrel and an Oak.
That the two of them could have such an everlasting bond.
But it is absolutely true from the very moment Squirrel awoke.
They will remain the mightiest of friends, in this life and beyond.