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Subject :2nd HM -  Lolipops 
Date :6/11
<b>                       Once in a Dream

      Sultry stark starless skies I am walking through
      the dark. Feeling.. squirming.. lost in time. A
      weight growing in my heart. Desperation words can
      nay describe.. Darker yet the still. Sinking down
       this wetless sea. Immersion.. soaking.. thrill.

       Buoyant blossoms burning bright drifting through
      the air. Breathlessly gazing tear filled eyes,
      reaching out I stare. To my dismay there is no
      form for my flighty feet to touch. Barely bobbing
      out of reach, I feel I bear to much..
       Despair filling a heart now heavy, subtle.. I hear
      a call. Looking to where my toes may be, weighted
      down I start to fall..

       Desperate descent down, drowning in the dark. Ever
      fading little lights, a sinking in my heart. A touch
      I feel clasping tight, tight around my wrist.
       A face I find burning, Laughing in this mist. Gazing
      and grinning its visage wreathed in flame. Laughing,        
      mocking, as it drags me from this plane. Without a
      voice I wish to scream reaching to the sky. I feel
      her touch caress my skin. Her beauty bathed in
      light.. Once a blossom glowing bright, taking on
      new form. A woman now holding me her smiles is
       soft and warm...

      Draining darkness loving light tugging cold and warm.
      Confusion filling as they fight and I am feeling torn.
      Everything is spinning now mixing light and dark.
      Could this world be breaking down? Or could this be
      its start? Spinning..spinning..spinning now, dizzy
      as it slows. Broken, mangled, shattered ground,
       separating two ghosts. One side light and full of
      life the other dark and bleak. So many questions
      fill my mind yet I lack the words to speak..

      Rationalizing reason reflecting regard taking time
      I ponder. In this world so abstract and scarred my
      eyes begin to wander. No longer now so overwhelmed
      I'm taking in this place. When all of a sudden it
      it hits me! These two phantoms share my face!
      Now I see its not so strange but rather very clear.
      I feel them now.. splitting pain .. worry not.. For
      I am here. Embracing two.. accepting truth..
       gifting calm release.

          My eyes open..
             A brand new day..
      And I am feeling quite at peace.