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Subject :1st HM - Ellinia
Date :6/11

"Once in a Dream"

Once in a dream I was a pirate so fearsome,
None would dare contend me in any Kingdom.
With a grey beard flowing, and a patch on my eye,
"Yar, scurvy dogs! Have at me!" Was my battle cry.

My face showed you a fine map of wrinkles and scars,
But, looking in the mirror I only heard my memoirs.
Deadly with a cutlass and even more so with a hook,
You'd never guess by looking at me, I'm a fine cook!

My heart longed for the sea like she was my wife,
We never parted ways even after she took my life.
She and I danced together in life and in death.
I was her captain and she took my last breath.

Once in a dream I was a tiny flittering fairy,
Smaller than my friends, even a little blueberry!
My sheer wings flapped extra hard to fly me around,
But, I was determined to go! I was adventure bound!

I would find the strangest things while I was gone,
Once a crab with a gilded shell had me out until dawn!
When I got stronger and flew farther I became lost,
It was so cold and my wings were covered in frost.

But that night was when I met him, the Mountain God!
He said, "You got up here even though you're flawed?"
Then he laughed and shook the snow off the rocks,
So I hitched a ride back down on a white arctic fox!

Once in a dream I was an elderly man who lived alone,
If it weren't for my stories I would not be known.
I write down my dreams as they come to me at night,
Then I put them in the mailbox at first sunlight.

A small boy comes in the day to pick up the mail,
But I do not have the energy to tell him a tale.
So I sit at my window and watch him pass me by,
Wondering if this is the day that I will die.

A knock sounds at my door, it is soft and quiet,
It is a little girl asking about the Scary Pirate.
She holds up my story I wrote and smiles wide,
Another wide smile as she asks to come inside.