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Subject :2nd place - JaguarPaw
Date :6/11
               ~A Vision Once in a Dream~

It happened many Hyuls and Moons ago
when a journey to Gogoon Island was the rage
All the ships would be filled will all kind of cargo
from valuable items to passangers of all age

It was always safe in the beginning
making it easy to get things done
then the monsters started attacking
wrecking ships and hurting everyone

A nightmare i had once in a dream
our ship sunk attacked by a monster
i was awakened by my own scream
my body shaken not feeling peaceful any longer

I wondered for hours if it was a premonition
a trip to Gogoon next day might be too dangerous
Not a Diviner i`d never had such a vision
buy my instinct told me not to be so adventurous

So glad i was i cancelled my trip
the ship then returned battered and broken
we could see patches all over the ship
a tale of monster attack was then woven

A life lesson i strive to remember
what you feel may differ from what it may seem
but your instinct will always tell you better
you might even have a vision even just once in a dream