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Subject :1st Place - Mornelithe
Date :6/11

<b>  "The Mage King's Conquest"

 I sat upon my silver throne,
 so calm before the flood.
 My horrifying power shone
 like sunlight tinged with blood.

 My armies swept across the land
 driving those "lessers" out.
 My generals struck at my command
 for they'd not test my clout.

 My beautiful creations soared
 the skies on blackened wing.
 Mindless beasts make quite a horde
 when you're a Mage and King.

 I bathed this world in darkened flame
 with naught but ash in tow.
 While rivals took to flinging blame
 I relished in their woe.

 I'd had it all! I'd finally won!
 And no one else remained
 to fight against what I had done,
 or take back all I'd claimed!

 Or so I thought, at least, until
 my dream came crumbling down.
 A man much like myself, no frill,
 put agents in my town.

 His artifacts, those stupid toys,
 would cancel every spell
 I'd woven into clever ploys.
 They'd make my heaven hell!

 And then I woke consumed by strife
 and SEETHING ragged rage.
 Was it a dream or a past life
 where I LOST to THAT MAGE?!