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Subject :2nd HM - Rogule
Date :6/18
Joy and Happiness make my heart sing,
but when they leave me, oh what a sting
I feel in the moment they were near,
but now that they're gone, I feel only fear

I once was happy, joyous even
but those thoughts are gone, now I'm just me
I wish they would come back,
I wish they'd be here

I wish and I wait, I want to be free,
happy and joyous, oh that should be me.
I wish life were easy and we got what we want,
but that wish is small when pain's what you've got.

She loved me so sweetly, she loved me so true
and now that you're gone, I think of you.
The days that I spent next to you over time,
they are now gone, and you won't be mine.

My dear you were lovely, so great in my eyes.
When I learned the truth it was a great surprise.
You weren't there for me, you were here for you.
And now that you've gone, you'll be further untrue.

But wait what's this, another walks by?
My heart hums a little, is this it, will I die?
I know not to trust it, I  know I should hide.
What should I do, when I feel this inside?

The time we spend now, has shown me so much;
that I can be happy with your simple touch.
I hope and I wait, patient throughout,
yet dying inside, at the thought of being without

I think you might love me, and my heart sings.
Why didn't I meet you before broken dreams?
I'm so glad I've found you, so joyful it's true.
I'm happy that we've met, and now you're here too.

As time goes on, I pray that you're true;
be faithful and I will be too.
I'm happy all day. I'm joyous all night,
now that you are right here, so close to my side.

So painful the past, and hopeful the future,
and with you, I'm complete.
Joy and happiness,
will never again flee.

-------------------Submitted by Rogule-------------------------