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Subject :2nd place - Jisong
Date :6/18

  Alone I sit on the rivers bank,
    Next to the fisher's pots that bang and clank.
  I dwell upon my current state,
    While slowly saying "It's not too late."

  I met a girl three Hyuls ago,
    With long flowing locks that seemed to glow.
  We met at the tavern just down the road,
    after my legs betrayed me to her I strode.

  We shared our pasts and looked at the present,
    but I soon became enamored with her smile so pleasant.
  I fell in love too fast you see,
    because my heart skipped so many beats with glee.

  My soul and my time became hers to use,
    though she never found occasion to abuse.
  What hurt the most was that we had fun together,
    but deep down I knew this might not be forever.

  The more we talked the more I fell deep,
    and soon our paths crossed and I did weep.
    For now we do not live just down the street,
  but we live to far even for hoofbeats.

   My travels take me far and wide,
    and visiting her sends me in a joyride.
    For the thought of spending time with her
  puts us one step closer to the altar.

  It's with her I see my life as complete,
    now it's up to me to not make this a repeat.
    For I get one last chance to make her mine,
  so I hope for the best that our hearts intertwine.

  She brings joy and happiness to my mind and soul,
    and I am willing to give up all if it makes us whole.
    So you see as I sit here and say "it's not too late,"
  because happiness starts on the very first date.