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Subject :1st place - Nobrows
Date :6/18
"Joy and Happiness"

* An old man from the early Yuri's sits at a tavern table near the beach's shoreline. You see him putting a note inside of his pocket as he looks at the sky and smiles. *

The muses began to sage about their poetry event,
It's been quite some time, but I wanted to present.
As I walked inside, the stage was completely full,
I nervously raised my hand and mumbled, "I'd like to go."

I approached the stage and grabbed the microphone,
I looked to the audience as they waited for my show.
With all of my courage, I began to clear my throat,
I'd like to share a poem, the first one I ever wrote.

   "I can still remember the first time we had met,
    Her eyes were bright blue and her hair brunette.
    Her smile so perfect, it brought my stomach butterflies,
    The ideal of someone perfect, is what you symbolize.

    Love at first sight, this was without question,
    Cupid's arrow had hit us, at least that's the impression.
    I planned a special dinner, near the beach shoreline,
    Little did you know, I had placed a ring in your wine.

    To call you my wife, it brings tears to my eyes,
    These feelings I have, are just too heavy to hide.
    I'm not ashamed, that this poem is full of sappiness,
    Because it's only you, that has ever brought me
    Joy and Happiness.

    Being with you, had only one negative, time went too fast,
    It's today that marks 5 Hyul's since you've passed.
    I will always remember you, even if my heart is broken,
    and it's to you my love, that I dedicate this poem."

Mage Nobrows