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Author :Poetry host Poems
Subject :1st HM - Astrael
Date :6/28
             The Unspoken Request -

           It's from the silence you arise
          And toward the same you climb;
          Even under heartfelt cries,
          You'd hear silence's chime.

          Silently you apprehend,
          You ponder, and await;
          Ever mankind's foe and friend,
          When your bedlams abate.

          Silence is a patient thing,
          For it knows you cannot hide.
          Where'er you go it still will cling,
          Forever by your side.

          You try to find distractions,
          In gossip, chatter, song;
          Yet silence takes exactions,
          However you prolong.

          Left alone in rumination,
          It precurses your doubt;
          Regrets without cessation,
          'Til you feel compelled to shout.

          Our ties are unrelenting fate,
          Of that you can be sure;
          But you need not allow it to dictate
          The troubles you endure -

          Embrace your silence in good grace
          Seek it out, and don't flee;
          Find that gentle peaceful place,
          And come to terms with
<b>                                   me.

                                            - Astrael