Board :Poetry
Author :Poetry host Poems
Subject :2nd HM - Amaru
Date :7/9
Take my cane,
come along,
wear this robe,
pretend you belong.

Stick with me boy,
you'll do fine,
you might even make it...
... out alive.

Journeying here,
is no joke,
look the wrong way,
they'll slit your throat.

Thugs and killers,
traps and snares,
many reasons,
to stay aware.

Precious heirlooms,
you may seek?
Stolen many yuri's,
from Buyan Keep

If it's rare,
you'll find it here,
but be forewarned,
they have no fear.

They'll chew you up,
they'll spit you out,
but not with me,
I'll be your scout.

The last man that came
and took my lead,
was too forewarned,
but did not heed.

But they know better now,
than to bother me,
I've shown them,
just how tough I can be.

Just two more corners,
now, stick real close.
We're almost there,
we're almost out.

And one last thing,
this is the spot...
Stick your hands in the air!
Give me all you got!