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Subject :2nd place - Adeline
Date :7/9
         _The Endless Tour_

Through the dark and dreary passageways,
You stumble for what seems like days.
The earth on your feet is damp and hard,
No longer on the main boulevard.
The torchlight reaches up ahead,
But the light it casts is thinly spread.
You strain your eyes and try to see,
With slight fear of what's come to be.
A short adventure is no more,
You are stuck on an endless tour.

Which way is east and which is west?
It seems like an impossible test.
For the reason once behind your eyes,
Is now a cloud of doubt and lies.
"I came from that way -- or was it there?
I hope I'll survive with a story to share."
These horrid thoughts now haunt your brain,
And cause your heart to shrink with pain.
This hike has turned into much more,
You may be stuck on an endless tour.

The walls apear to be closing in,
Jagged rocks scrape past your skin.
The familiar babble of brook is gone,
In its place - a demon's song.
Dirge-like rhythms and melody so blue,
This kind of sorrow never so close and true.

But what is that -- ahead it seems --
A spark of light or work of dreams?
Could it be a a ray of sun?
You toss your torch and start to run.

But running slows to crippling pace -
With the demon you are face to face.
You turn and run but legs betray,
Darkness swarms with full embrace.

The end has come, the end is now,
Last drop of sweat falls from your brow.
Dead is how you will be found,
When you tour the underground.