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Subject :1st place - Quav
Date :7/9
The Beasts Below

Under the palace there's a place where creatures roam
Filled with nashing teeth and mouths full of foam
They're stored under the Kugnae Palace for safe keeping
Where they can be seen eating and sometimes sleeping

My guide was a long time friend of the king and queen
Moving swiftly and quietly past the creatures unseen
On my left, I saw what looks like the chaos beast
Where on a metal board it read, "From the far east"

In the back of this place there was a room full of treasure
Collected from these creatures and stored for safe measure
The beasts were restless and their groans grew louder
Now was the time to use our magic stealth powder

Out of the corner of my eye, there was a rusty old door
Behind a caged dragon, which looked dirty and uncared for
He awoke with a startle and shook his mighty big head
"What are you scoundrels doing here?" he angrily said

We ran for the door and saw Grin trapped in ice
For a moment I wondered if he thought about paradise
On his right we discovered a Zibong encased in glass
My heart raced with whispers filling my mind en masse

We quickly ran and stumbled out of this room of terror
And glanced at each other, knowing this was an error
Never to be repeated again, we continued towards the gate
With whispers still lingering, "...death is your fate"

My guide wiped his brow and nodded at the nearby guard
With the tour over, I stepped into the Royal courtyard
Pacing near the flowers with my guide no longer around
I kept thinking about that palace dungeon under ground