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Subject :1st HM - Adeline
Date :7/16
    _This Feeling_

At times I get this feeling
deep inside my soul.
It bothers me and troubles me,
I cannot be consoled.

I lay awake every night
tossing in my sheets.
Waiting for this, too, to pass,
but ending in defeat.

It's a feeling that I cannot
quite put my finger on.
When it's there I know it's there -
the pain lingers on.

Could I have done it better?
Did I take too much control?
When I'm lost inside my head
is when it truly takes its toll.

Maybe I should cease to exist,
disappear and they'll forget.
For if I'm gone, yes really gone,
I'll have nothing to regret.

But no, I can't --
I'm not too blind to see.
To leave would be the coward's way,
death too easy.

The hardest thing is this,
believe me it is true.
Learning instead of regretting,
Will make you the best you.