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Subject :2nd place - Wildes
Date :7/16
My Regret

Koguryo's blue skies could never compare
to the beauty of your eyes nor Buyan gold to your hair.
Your laugh was a song no bird could sing
and nothing could give me the joy yours did bring.

I often remember the times we spent
watching the stars outside our tent,
surrounded by wilderness and the gods' creations
letting go of all our fears and frustrations.

I didn't know that one day you'd leave
a gash in my heart and your loss I would grieve.
Regret is stained on every memory of you
as I think of the things that we went through.

That day we had argued over something so small,
I had no idea that later you would fall,
trying to get me some item I don't remember
your precious life, extinguished forever.

No time for hugs or to say goodbye,
and nothing to do but feel sorrow and cry
under the tree in our favorite place,
now, desolate and bare, just an empty space.

No item is worth losing your sweet smile,
nor riches or status even close to worthwhile.
I would trade them all in just to hold you once more;
Every title, treasure, and precious ore.

If I could master time I would go back anew
and tell you exactly how much I love you.
I would shed any anger and hold you tight
forever, under the stars and moonlight.

- Wildes