Board :Poetry
Author :Poetry host Poems
Subject :1st HM - Rozensword
Date :7/23
Dear Scarecrow

What secrets do you hide?
With your mouth sewn shut
and your eyes open wide,
stuck forever in this rut.

What stories do you hold?
With your head full of hay,
who knows what you've been told
and what strangers will say.

What love have you seen?
In these wide Nagnang spaces,
with grass so green
full of new lovers' faces.

What songs do you know?
From travelers far and wide,
with seeds of knowledge that they sow
and cloaks made of pride.

What battles have you fought?
In your unending guard
against an enemy's onslaught
that leaves you so scarred.

What is it that you wish?
As you sit in this woodland field
watching the world like a trapped fish
with no weapon to wield.

Scarecrow, let's be friends,
and share with me your mystery
before my time here ends,
and I am gone from history.

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