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Subject :2nd place - Adeline
Date :7/23
        _The Farmer's Daughter_

The scarecrow stands watching over the fields
Placed there to protect the farmer's yields
For scavengers like foxes, squirrels, and hares
Are trying to get at what is not theres

But to one in particular, the scarecrow's no good
The farmer's daughter swears it does not do what it should
She swears she has seen it moving at night
And now she is paralyzed with fright

She won't leave her room, she won't leave the house
She's as scared as a cat, as quiet as a mouse
She won't help her mother, she won't talk to her brother
She's left in her room all alone to suffer

Now the farmer being as wise as he be
Sees not a problem, but opportunity
He's tied her up to a wooden base
Arms stretched wide, hat over her face

The scarecrow in one field his daughter in the next,
His fields are sure to yield crops that are best.