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Subject :1st place - Astrael
Date :7/23
              The Scarecrow -

              A daughter to a humble man,
              They found she had the knack;
              They sent her to the mages' guild
              But 'fore long she came back

              A little magic came to prove
              Most handy on the farm;
              Most pestilence averted
              With a whisper and a charm

              But with her came the crows,
              Drawn just to sit and stare;
              On any field she dared to tread
              The crows were waiting there

              She waved her arms, crying out,
              And yet try as she might -
              They'd hop away with just a caw
              Not once taking flight

              Not one to lack in cunning,
              She hatched a fearsome plan
              From bewitched hay and magicked sticks
              She'd make a fearsome man

              One month hence she let it loose
              And it marched upon the field
              With flailing arms and baleful cries
              It forced the crows to yield

              Her father cheered and sallied forth
              But it soon turned in its track:
              With menacing gleam in glowing eyes
              The beast came charging back

              Its vigil stood relentless,
              The whole field as its ground;
              For those who over dared to tread
              Its fury knew no bound

              They begged a passing monk for help
              But still it stood its stead;
              Instead he took his staff in hand
              Impaled it fast, then fled

              They kept wide berth, and in time
              Its anger simmered still
              Standing limp from dawn to dusk
              Silent tyrant of that hill

              To this day it stands yet steely
              None dare to take it down;
               - Care you do not step too close,
              Lest you meet its earthy frown.

                                             - Astrael