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Subject :2nd HM - Reset
Date :7/30
How dare she say such terrible a thing,
The whip of her tongue on my pride left a sting.
Lest she forget what happened last night,
Because will remind her that I don't go down without a fight.

I will bide my time, plan, and prepare,
I can already hear her cries of despair.
When the moment is right, I will repay,
The humiliation she made me suffer yesterday.

Pens are mightier than the swords,
I have prepared thousands of words,
The moment is coming, we'll meet again soon,
We have plans with our friends this day at noon.

We have all gathered to have lunch at my house,
And now we will eat, all is quiet as a mouse,
I rise from my seat, everyone looks my way,
I point at my sister, and I begin to say:
"You think I'd forget, that you called me lame!
Now between us, things will never be the same,
I never want to see you again, no matter what you do,
because not only are you mean, but you're ugly too!"

Although calling her ugly, lead to a punishment so heavy,
I'm glad that my sister knows that I am always ready,
To be the one who will make her pay for her transgressions,
Even though Mom put me in timeout, and took my possessions.