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Subject :1st HM - Jafar
Date :7/30
<b>               Vengeance

Although I was once a just and noble lord,
They left me with only a broken sword,
Agony screamed from blade of red,
My back pierced, growing wet as I bled.

I lay in dust, staring at a cloudless sky.
My breath tore with every rise,
And slowly did anger smolder,
As my body grew ever colder.

Traitors I once called my loyal Knights,
Their smiling faces were my finial sight.
I swore upon all gods old and new,
Their death's I'd wait in endless pursue.

These men who only lusted for power,
Consumed my soul, turning it vile and sour.
I howled with a mindless bloody rage,
A clawing evil only their death's would assuage.

My death did not stop this vengeance,
For I began an act of transcendence,
I cut the ribbons that bound my soul,
And away fell that which made me whole.

Once again I walk these mortal lands,
The sands of time trickle through my hands,
I'll see them dead, a vow unbreakable,
Wherever they hide, a pursuit unshakable.