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Subject :2nd place - Rozensword
Date :7/30
Vengeance isn't Sweet

They say vengeance is sweet but I disagree
having been through it myself; there is always a fee.
The cost was more than I could bear
and now I am left with only my prayers.

I loved my country and my home,
my loyalty was extremely well known.
Until one day in a Nagnang Inn,
I came across a terrible sin.

Some unruly man was bothering a young girl
so I stepped in to handle the churl.
The man got violent so I took him outside
and bruised his overgrown "manly" pride.

The girl was grateful and brought me a drink
but everyone's friendliness was gone in a blink.
The man turned out to be some noble's son
and from that moment I was undone.

Stripped of my titles and good standing
I was given a traitorous branding.
All the people I had protected
no longer associated with me lest they be affected.

I wandered through Buya, but was rejected there,
so to the Wilderness I went and created a lair.
It is there I now live with no place to call home
as I travel around and roam.

So you see my friend, there is always a cost,
do not become like me...completely lost.

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