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Subject :1st place - Daeus
Date :7/30

There once was a love I held in my heart
and wished to the gods that we would never part.
All our time we spent together,
regardless of day or terrible weather.

Picnics in the Woodlands made her smile
but her favorite spot was a beach on Gogoon Isle.
Her gold eyes drank everything in,
as sunlight shone down on her pale skin.

I made sure to get her everything she wanted
to save her from a past so dark and haunted.
Every smile and kiss only furthered my cause
to provide for her and save her from poverty's jaws.

She understood all my fears and pain,
and listened to my stories with nothing to gain.
Together we cried and together we laughed,
how was I to know of the lies she would craft?

I went on dangerous missions in caves
killing monsters for gold that I would save.
A beautiful ring of blue starlight
I would offer to her with my heart one night.

It stayed in my pocket as I searched for the right time,
until one day my heart broke as I witnessed a crime.
I was walking in Buya when my eyes did see
my love giggling with another man in the shade of a tree.

She looked at him, the same way she looked at me,
her beautiful eyes bright as she watched him intently.
I felt my heart shatter as I watched them kiss
both of them unaware of their surroundings in their bliss.

I turned back and headed home my soul on fire,
she needed a lesson and I had to do something dire.
I packed her things making sure not to forget
anything that might make me later regret.

I threw them all into a bin
and when she got home I lit them with a grin.
She cried and screamed, even pleaded,
but I simply said she was no longer needed.

That moment of vengeance had felt so right,
but several weeks later I lost the fight.
My heart was broken and now I only felt sadness
as my soul spiraled down into a cold madness.

- Daeus