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Date :8/6
Oh how lovely they are,
So quiet and cute,
If the circus was an orchestra,
The clown would be the flute.

They are so happy and lively,
always running around,
You do not know who they really are,
Until they are away from the crowd.

That is when you will see,
The true side of a clown,
I am sure you would think different,
If there was no one else around.

I found out not long ago,
What they do after an act,
I found out what true horror is,
As a matter of fact.

Ask yourself how they smile,
Even when they can not laugh,
Ask yourself why they get pleasure,
From splitting someone in half.

They spare no expense,
And lack no imagination,
When it comes to torture,
Thank them for its creation.
They murdered my best friend,
Two clowns without a care,
Jumped onto a bicycle,
And ran over my teddy bear.

I will never forget,
All the pain I have felt,
They tried to apologize,
But the damage had been dealt.

Vengeance will be mine,
Not a clown will be spared,
In memory of my teddy bear,
War has been declared!

Those who surrender will be spared,
Those who resist will suffer most,
I will kick all their shins,
Like my favorite breakfast, they will be toast!