Board :Poetry
Author :Poetry host Poems
Subject :2nd place - Bleade
Date :8/6
A Face In The Crowd

   The vast amusement of a crowd filled with wonder
   Painting smiles where once there were frowns
   Cheering along with his every blunder
    The patrons are in love with the clown

   He honks his nose for their delight
   Within this gargantuan tent
   Performing until there's daylight
   His performance will not relent
    His eyes survey the joyous girls and boys
   Thousands of faces in the horde
   One face stands out through the noise
   Something about her struck a chord
   She sat in her handbok, pretty as a rose
   Her attention focused on the entertainer
   He showed her every tricks he knows
   In an obvious attempt to amuse her

   With a lob, a pie in the face
   She laughed until there were tears
   On this night, a magical place
   Dancing around with his peers

   The pavilion was alive with commotion
   The acrobats swung, the lions roared
   Only positive forces were in motion
   The clown would pursue the girl he adored

   When the ringmaster bowed
   Indicating the show was done
   The clown chased the crowd
   For her, he had to run

   He wiped his face clean
   Stole a flower from a guest
   Did his best to preen
   To succeed at his quest
   He sprinted and ran, finding new power
   Thinking this was an act, she stopped with glee
   As a final gesture he handed a flower
   She stiffled a laugh, and then saw his plea

   Her hand, she withdrew
   The flower was dropped down
    "I can't possibly be with you
   You're only a clown"