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Subject :1st place - Worldsmith
Date :8/6
The Clown's Dilemma

It's a funny thing with any Clown
And no pun I mean, they seem to frown
While all of man, woman, and child
Pay what they can to get their smiles.

But while the Clown brings laughs for all,
They juggle sadness like a ball.
No one sees the pain the Clown holds true
Making the whole world laugh except for you.

It's said that children see things clearer
And every time the Clown draws nearer
Half the children run and hide
Not knowing what he keeps inside,

Almost as if they sense the truth,
The Clown's soul is rotting like a tooth.
He's worn this face for far too long
Pretending like there's nothing wrong.

Has no one ever stopped to question
Or ask the Clown for some suggestion?
Has no audience yet felt inclined
To ask: "can one be happy *all* the time?!"

Sadly these answers are all no
And a fake smile is all he'll know.

Yet he'll try to keep a happy tone

<b>When what he needs is a Clown all his own.