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Subject :2nd HM - by Reset
Date :8/13
How beautiful it was,
My last chance to see,
The beauty of night,
Right by the sea.

How I would love just one chance,
To view my dear love,
If she hadn?t been taken,
Somewhere up above.

I know life is short,
I wish I could have done more,
But the memory of her face,
Still makes my heart sore.

I wish I had the chance,
To hold her one last time,
I wish I had just one moment,
To let her lips touch mine.

My life has turned dark,
It has faded to grey,
Oh, how life can change,
In the course of one day.

I sit by the sea at night,
And it always draws my eyes in,
Because I know my beloved awaits,
Just beyond the horizon.