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Subject :1st HM - by Kaousaki
Date :8/13
A man seeking wisdom approached the monk temple
Nervous, he quietly hoped it would be simple
Paired with a master, he was given his first task
"Sit all day thinking of nothing, that's all I ask"

The next day he returned with great trepidation
A furrow in his brow, he spoke with frustration
Training all night was more than he had expected
"What was that useless lesson? I was not affected"

His master just nodded, like he already knew
"You didn't think it would happen over night, did you?
Time is a dreaded thing when change is resisted
Anxious for tomorrow, as though it existed "

With that the master rose, and together they strolled
To a vast lily pond, which was a sight to behold.
It was at that moment the man seemed to wizen
"There's no tomorrow, just change in the horizon"