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Author :Poetry host Poems
Subject :1st place - Feather
Date :8/20
I'll say this once,
And never again,
Stay away from they,
Who reside in Asmodi's Den,

What you have seen,
Could never prepare,
For the pain and suffering,
And all the despair.

It is not a joke,
Nor is it a lie,
Only suffering awaits,
Within Asmodi.

I once had hope,
For adventures of grand,
And into the cave,
I thought to take my stand.

I gathered a group,
And together we rode,
Then we finally arrived,
In Asodi's abode.

Nightmares came alive,
They wasted not a second,
Within the blink of an eye,
Death beckoned.

It was not a matter of strength,
Not a lack of physical skill,
If you've never seen death's face,
In this cave, you will.

I pray for forgivess,
But I could never atone,
I rather have died in there,
Than escaped alone.

There was no chance at victory,
Perhaps not even escape,
Maybe he let me live,
To warn others of their fate.

If I had the courage,
I would not be here today,
But my life may have meaning,
If I can keep others away.

I urge you to listen stranger,
Now that you've heard my Story,
I think you know why to keep away,
From Asmodi, Keeper of the Purgatory.