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Subject :2nd HM - Mythos
Date :8/27
<b>               Changing of the Seasons

<b> Snowflakes began falling as the sunlight beamed,
Youre beauty so magnificent, it must be a dream.
<b> Our first date we decided to make a snowman,
Laughing with joy, it was the perfect plan.

<b> The snow was melting, but the air was still cold,
Youre beauty so magnificent, with a heart made of gold.
<b> Our second date we went for some hot cocoa,
It was delicious, especially with the marshmellows.

<b> The sun was scorching, with only a mild breeze,
Youre beauty so magnificent, it's hard to breathe.
<b> Our third date we grabbed lunch and headed to the beach,
Holding eachothers hands while staring off at the sea.

<b> Leaves began to fall as the wind blew rapidly,
Youre beauty so magnificent, and yet still classy.
<b> Our fourth date we headed towards the pumpkin patch,
We carved two of them and inside was some candy for snacks.

<b> The seasons always change, I'll never forget these moments,
This poems for you my love, everyone will know it.
<b> Our final date, holding hands for the very last time,
With a smile on your face you whispered goodbye.
 - Mhytos the wanderer -