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Subject :2nd place - Taya
Date :8/27
The days seem shorter than ever before
Temperatures are dropping and chill you to the core
I look where the leaves were once hanging nice and green
But the branches are empty, what could this mean?

The days of trekking through the hot, hot sun
are slipping behind me, but at least it was fun
Watching the sun go down on the beach
Those moments are slowly, slipping out of reach

I gather some wool all bundled up tight
for soon I will need it to keep warm at night
The sun will go down and the chill will be found
Soon the snowflakes will be covering the ground

For all these changes, must have a reason
Could it be, we are upon a new season?
I will embrace the weather for I know summer will come again
But for now, pass me some hot cocoa and a blanket until then