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Subject :1s place - rheo
Date :8/27
The cycle begins anew

Entrapped in eternal darkness
The womb begins to thaw around
Time has come to break the stillness
Ready to burst from the ground

Breaching from the fertile Earth
Embraced by the warm sun
The small plant has been given birth
It's quiet life has begun

Clouds float across the sky
Inspiration for the climb
A beautiful day in mid-July
Growing steadily over time

Other greenery has also flourished
A natural garden among the shrubbery
Life undisturbed and well nourished
Resources and seclusion, a luxury

Looming, ominous signs overhead
Tree leaf colours start to burn
The changes continue to spread
Enough to cause some concern

A chilling breeze flows through the air
Bursting growth has come to a halt
The plant is starting to show some wear
In the end, it?s no one's fault

This is a tale of the changing seasons
The life of nature starts to drain
The ground, uninhabitable, while freezing
Until Spring returns again

.: rheo