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Subject :1st HM - TimHorton
Date :9/10
<b>       ~ The Sunblock Boy ~

My best of friends would come to play
But by sunset he'd run away
A mystery just where he went
And when I asked, he'd stay silent

Everyone knows that all the fun
Comes well after the setting sun.
Parties, bonfires, all were there
But it's clear my best friend didn't care.

I tried to mingle with the others,
Find a group to call my brothers,
But no matter how I'd act
The other kids would point and laugh.

The thing that made my best friend special
Wasn't paying tag or trying to wrestle,
It was the thing others were missin'
He never judged and truly listened.

One day while practicing my quips
Before the coming lunar eclipse
My friend vanished for good I know,
It's when I found out he was a shadow!