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Subject :2nd place - Snakeur
Date :9/10
"In pursuit of Darkness"

A shadow cannot help himself. he steals from the light
Taking comfort in the games we play while ravaging my sight
Lurking endlessly, we play a game of tit for tat
While prevarications of my honesty can never fool that rat

Acutely unaware of both my cunning and my wit;
Feigning cognizance... to which the Shadow never will admit
He tries to lead my mind astray as with any other prey
But Hide and Seeks a game with which I always have my way

Prowling quietly; I hope to find but not to seek...
I don't want him to discover me; while I will surely peek.
Closer to the end we come, together, both as one.
We both agree that times now up, but we have both had fun.

Agreeing that it's just a game; and that we'll part as friends
I quietly reserve myself although my hand extends
My shadow is someone in whom I never can confide
The games we play can either pilot or misguide...